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 BRAVA Magazine0811 Cyber Safety Tip of the Month   

Cyber Bullying 101: Getting Informed

By Madison Police Department Technology Committee

Know the kinds:

Flaming and trolling: Sending or posting hostile messages intended to “inflame” the emotions of other.

Happy-Slapping: Recording someone being harassed or bullied in a way that usually involves physical abuse, then posting the video online for public viewing.

Identity Theft/Impersonation: Stealing someone’s password and/or hijacking their online accounts to send or post incriminating or humiliating pictures, videos or information.

Photoshopping: Doctoring digital images so that the main subject is placed in a compromising or embarrassing situation.

Physical Threats: Sending messages that involve threats to a person’s physical safety.

Rumor-Spreading: Spreading gossip through e-mail, text messaging or social networking sites.

Know the signs:

Watch for any signs of behavior changes in your child, particularly if he or she: begins to avoid the computer, cell phone and other technological devices, or appears stressed when receiving an e-mail, instant message or text; avoids conversations about computer use.

Know what to do if you or your child is a victim:

Be involved: If it looks and feels odd, it probably is. Talk to your child if his or her behavior changes. Don’t just ask once, keep asking until they share.

Know what your child is doing: Have access to their e-mail, phone and Facebook accounts. Make it a habit to check these on a random basis. Encourage your child to share information with you, and make it safe with no penalties for sharing.

Reach out for help: Talk to school counselors about any concerns. They are a great resource!

If you need help:
For emergency situations, call 911; for non-emergency situations, contact Sgt. June Groehler at (608) 209-9118 or 
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