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Unleash Your Potential

Empower yourself through BRAVA Magazine’s Women’s Leadership Workshops with Darcy Luoma, Madison’s favorite life coach


Improve your impact, increase your emotional intelligence, make a positive change in your life—and be the leader you aspire to be. 

Enroll in BRAVA Magazine’s action-oriented Women’s Leadership Series with Darcy Luoma—Madison’s favorite life coach—and transform your abilities. Through this hands-on series, you will overcome obstacles and identify goals, connect with other dynamic women, and gain concrete skills and valuable insights you can apply immediately to your work, life and relationships.

Dream big. Find your passion. Embrace your inner leader. Register for one or all four workshops in the 2014 BRAVA Women’s Leadership series

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best in an intimate, affordable setting. The August Workshop is a sold-out. Be sure to reserve your ticket for the October Workshop. Tickets available here.

Darcy Luoma:

Life Coach and Transformational Expert

Known for her warm, engaging style, Darcy Luoma creates a safe place for you to engage in courageous dialogue and deep learning at BRAVA Women’s Leadership Workshops.

Darcy Luoma brings more than 20 years’ experience facilitating transformational growth. She has personally coached hundreds of clients to overcome obstacles and achieve extraordinary professional and personal results. Luoma is nationally recognized for her ability to empower individuals, business leaders and teams to develop and execute action plans, navigate conflict successfully, unlock their leadership potential and improve communication skills.

Read more about Darcy Luoma 


BRAVA’s Women’s Leadership workshops are designed as a series, but each stands powerfully on its own to offer valuable skills and insights. If you've ever considered working with your own life coach, the workshops offer similar benefits in a group setting that connects and networks you with other dynamic women.

Introduction: Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

February 2014

Being a “good” leader is not enough. To be an exceptional leader you need to understand and increase your Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which is a better predictor of success than IQ. In this workshop you’ll lay a strong “extraordinary leadership” foundation by learning to focus inward on self-leadership, which impacts all aspects of your life, health, career and relationships.

  •       Increase your self-leadership to improve your leadership presence.
  • Inspire trust and confidence in others.
  • Increase your emotional intelligence and ability to influence and empower others.

Effective Communication: Increase your Relationship Intelligence

May 2014

Great leaders are great communicators. Vision, leadership and strategy only have impact when they are effectively conveyed to others with clarity and enthusiasm. Every interaction a leader has is an opportunity to increase trust if handled with skill and purpose. In this workshop, you will learn the perspectives and techniques that make exceptional leaders effective communicators. This workshop will improve your active listening skills so you can build more meaningful and effective relationships.

·       Understand relationship intelligence (RQ) and its impact on your leadership success and effectiveness.

·       Expand your influence by improving your active listening and communication skills.

·       Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and apply that understanding to create a collaborative work environment.

Conflict Management: Create Harmony

August 2014

Exceptional leaders deal with differences in a way that strengthens relationships and moves an organization forward. They see conflict as a catalyst and an opportunity for growth. This perspective, combined with effective techniques, can help a leader uncover useful information, strengthen teams, and propel an organization toward its vision. In this workshop, you will learn skills and strategies to deal with the team toxins: criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling and contempt.

  •         Learn how to resolve conflict in a positive and professional way.
  •         Practice repair bids and soft start-ups to effectively handle difficult situations.
  • Increase your skills to help teams overcome barriers and work well together.

Coaching Skills: Improve Outcomes and Success

October 2014

Leaders are judged on the success of their teams. Knowing how to effectively coach others is a critical leadership skill to bring out the best performance in others. This workshop will discuss the foundations of coaching and essential skills such as asking powerful questions, requesting, designing accountability, and articulating what’s going on. You will learn how to create work environments where people are especially motivated and supported to do their best work.

  •         Learn coaching skills to help you lead and manage more effectively.
  •         Increase performance and improve outcomes of others.
  •         Understand how to ask powerful questions to deepen the learning and propel the action.

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